DP World Lirquén


Mobile Cranes

We have 6 mobile cranes with their respective spreaders of differing capacities to fulfill all of our clients’ needs.

– 2 LHM 600 cranes with range up to row 19 and a 104-ton capacity
– 1 LHM 550 crane with range up to row 18 and a 104-ton capacity
– 3 LHM 500 cranes with range up to row 16 and a 104-ton capacity


DP World Lirquén has a large forklift fleet with various alternatives for attachments that make it possible to operate in receiving activities, on-board operation, consolidation, and shipping, among other things.

– 15 H-360 forklifts with a 16-ton capacity.
– 35 H-155 forklifts with a 7-ton capacity.
– 14 H-110 forklifts with a 5-ton capacity.

Port Trucks

DP World Lirquén currently has 30 Port Trucks as well as 31 special corner-less chassis for carrying containers. Their sturdy lateral guides allow the container to be quickly fit into the chassis, thus speeding up operating performance.

– 30 Port Trucks
– 31 Chassis

Reach Stacker Cranes

DP World Lirquén possesses a wide array of Reach Stacker cranes for handling empty and full containers, thus ensuring efficient handling inside the port.

– 10 full-container-handling cranes
– 4 empty-container-handling cranes

Equipment for Bulks

DP World Lirquén features specialized equipment for unloading and handing bulk cargo.

– A conveyor belt that enables mechanized unloading of bulks.
– Bagging plants.
– Fleet of front-end loaders and mini loaders.