DP World Lirquén


We believe that a socially responsible company must always grow alongside the surrounding community. In this regard, DPWorld Lirquén has taken on a commitment to the Lirquén community and is constantly supporting different social initiatives and developing innovative projects that directly benefit people’s quality of life.

Because of the community and for the community, we have primarily focused on three areas that we feel are important, and where we believe our support, participation, and collaboration could have the most impact on community development:



Since 1998, DPWorld Lirquén has contributed to the education of the children of Lirquén and Penco by supporting the different schools in the district through an educational project aimed at teaching reading and writing through the Matte method to children in kindergarten and first grade. As part of this same initiative, which has been around for almost 20 years, teachers from 2nd to 4th grade have also been trained in methodologies for learning mathematics and geometry.

To implement these projects, top-notch training is held in an ongoing manner every year for teachers, and didactic and supporting material has been provided for the students, as well as books for school libraries, in the hope that the students will be encouraged to read, foundation for reading comprehension needed in the children´s cognitive development. Regular supervision has also been contracted and assessment tests to monitor fulfillment of this project’s goals. These activities make it possible to implement corrective measures in a timely manner.

Even so, the hope is to contribute to ensuring an appropriate level of learning in language arts, mathematics, and comprehension of natural habitats and social environments in preschool and elementary school children in the Lirquén community.

Also, beginning in 2016 and with the support of the Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción, we signed an agreement wherein we are able to offer high school seniors from the municipality a pre-university course of excellent quality at no cost for them, which is given by professors from this university at its campus.



Starting in 2015, and in conjunction with the Fundación Fútbol Más, we have been developing a program to encourage sports in children from the area of Lirquén named Ríos de Chile. The aim of this is to also promote resilience and happiness in children and adolescents who live in environments of social vulnerability by promoting various essential values (joy, respect, responsibility, teamwork, creativity, etc.) through the use of play and soccer.

We also share and support our community by encouraging sports and healthy living by holding several sporting events, which we hope will become highlights in our district, such as:

A soccer tournament during winter break called the “Copa Puerto Lirquén,” which is geared towards children from neighboring communities to decrease the poor use of free and leisure time in children during their winter breaks.

“DPWorld Lirquén Family Run,” with distances of 800 meters for children under 12 and 5K. The circuit runs through the facilities of the Port, Pier, and part of the municipality.

Exciting, sport-filled breaks. Activity during winter break for children between 8 and 13 from the community and children of workers, so that they can learn about different sport disciplines and exciting physical activities such as swimming, beach volleyball, capoeira, fun dance, trekking, climbing, etc.

We are present at all sporting initiatives organized by the Municipality of Penco with their sports department, as well as those organized by Daem that involve all the students from the schools in the municipality.



DPWorld Lirquén has always had a very close and personal relationship with the community. This is reflected in many actions developed with and for them. Constant and ongoing contact with the boards of directors of the Neighborhood Councils of Lirquén and with the Community Union of Penco.

We participate and engage with different associations in the district: cultural associations, the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, senior citizen associations, associations for the support and training of disabled individuals, support, and participation with the Hogar de Cristo, among others.

We implemented a program entitled “Open Doors” for the community, thereby inviting classes from neighboring schools, groups from institutions, or groups in general. We want our neighbors to be familiar with the Port, its operations, and facilities, and we began this program by inviting the children of workers to learn about where they parents work.